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Old Layout Islayinfo WebsiteWhy change?
The image on the right is a representation of the website as it looked until recently. Due to the expansion of the website pageloading became slower and slower making a revamp inevitable. In January 2009 the redesign stage started which lasted almost five weeks. A new more modern layout was chosen, new colours were selected which should give a better representation of Islay, and the menu was changed dramatically. Besides a new look and feel the site should have become more user friendly.

Design and colours
In the pre-design stage I had selected a small number of people from Islay who gave me feedback about the layout and the use of colours. Let me say first that It's impossible to capture each colour from Islay into the website. Those of you who have visited the island know what unique and varied light conditions the island has to offer. For the website I picked a couple of basic and hopefully recognisable colours. Each colour used in the website reflects something from Islay, the golden background colour refers to the whisky and the golden sunsets, the top menu bar got it's colours from the sandy beaches, the white stands for the lovely white washed cottages, houses and distilleries and the blue reflects the sky and the sea. Everyone who I asked agreed upon these colours and were enthusiast about the it, hence the new layout and I hope you like it too!

The Main Menu has moved
If you are a regular user you will have noticed that the top pull down menu has now moved to the left-hand column. Also, the pull down menu lost it's pull down capabilities altogether. All the submenu pages can be accessed through the links on the left. They give access to submenu pages where you can find all the pages that used to be in the pull down menu. The top-menu bar with the sandy colour has links to the most popular pages on the website as well as the Islay Weblog and Islay Pictures Blog.

There are now Sub Menu Pages
The submenu pages contain links at the bottom of the page to other pages in that section. The submenu pages also have a link to that submenu homepage in the top-right column below the top-right image.

If you have trouble finding your way around the site I would like to point out the possibility to use the "sitemap". This page contains all the menu items available on the website and is accessible from the menu on the left (bottom) or by clicking here.

I wish you pleasure in the use of this website, I hope you like the layout and style and most of all its content, which is hopefully the main reason of your visit. If you have questions and/or suggestions please be so kind and contact me through the Feedback Form. Thanks for your visit. The webmaster.

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