Islay Roads and Views on Google Street View

Google Street View is a technology featured in Google Maps and Google Earth that provides panoramic views from various positions along many streets in the world. It was launched on May 25, 2007, originally only in several cities in the United States, and has since gradually expanded to include more cities and rural areas worldwide.

In 2009 Islay was photographed and in early March 2010 the images appeared on Google Maps and Google Earth. Since then it's possible to virtually tour the island of Islay from behind your computer, well at least the part that has roads. Most of the island was photographed during beautifully sunny weather except for the south-eastern part of the island.

How to access Street view

You can get access to street view through Google Maps or by using the Google earth application. When you access Street view through Google Earth you have to look for the larger camera icons and select the Streetview link which is placed under the image. Through Google Maps enter a placename and select Streetview. To access through Google Maps go to and type for instance Bowmore. Click the link Bowmore that appears on the left of the screen and when the pop-up appears click on the Street view link below the image. Other ways to access the views is by zooming in on the map. The most detailed view shows the Street view.

Below is an example of the embedded web version of Street view. You are standing in front of the Round Church and are looking down Main Street towards Loch Indaal. Use the controls on the embedded image to start your Islay discovery. Enjoy!

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