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Islay Whisky AcademyIslay Whisky Academy has grown out of Wild and Magic Islay Whisky Tours, Theatre of Drams and Whisky for Girls (& Guys!). We have developed and expanded the company, and are delighted to offer Whisky Education Courses, in addition to our amazing Islay Whisky Tours and Events.

Islay Whisky Tours
Our new range of Islay Whisky Tours include 5 Star Tours, Flavours of Islay Tours, Adventure Tours, and many other interesting and unusual experiences. Wild and Magic Islay are very "on trend", offering Outlaw King Historic Tours of Islay. Sharing stories of Finlaggan Ancient Seat of the Kings of the Isles, & Dun Naomhaig - from where 10,000 men left to fight for Robert the Bruce in 1314.

Islay Whisky Academy
Islay Whisky AcademyWe also offer a 5 Day residential Islay Whisky Academy Diploma. We awarded the first Islay Whisky Academy Diploma in 2018, but the school has been in operation for five years. This is a respected award. Delegates undertake a rigorous programme of theoretical lectures, demonstrations, presentations, workshops. In the afternoon students visit Islay distilleries and build upon what was studied in the morning. In the evening there is a further social programme involving Whisky Tastings, Dinners and Talks.
This is very full on technical and theoretical whisky education. The course is designed for industry experts to broaden their remit, the enthusiast to further their understanding and the beginner to immerse themselves. The syllabus loosely follows the natural progression of the whisky making process, each year offering a different focus. In 2019 we study Barley, Yeast, Copper & Distillation, Wood, Maturation/Warehousing, Marketing & The Rise of Whisky Festivals.

The whisky knowledge offered at Islay Whisky Academy is second to none. Our lecturers, teachers and presenters are people working in the industry and all expert in their field. Islay Whisky Academy Courses are Full Proof.....!

Islay Whisky Academy embodies an authentic culture of Uisge Beatha. The word whisky originates from the Gaelic words uisge beatha - meaning Water of Life. Speakers of English could not properly pronounce the Gaelic words - eventually the sound word "Uisge" in uisge beatha, morphed into the sound word "whisky". Whisky - as we know it, began when most of Scotland spoke Gaelic. The most important thing about Islay Whisky Academy is that it is completely rooted in Gaelic and Scottish consciousness.

Islay Whisky Academy Whisky TastingsWe know whisky is created from elements of the earth. We wish to share an ecological consciousness of whisky. Islay Whisky Academy is professional, technical, theoretical, thorough, warm, kind, and loyal to the heritage and history of this land; and land the world over. This is the underlying ethos of Islay Whisky Academy.

Whisky Tastings
Islay Whisky Academy also host Whisky Tastings. If you are in Islay on holiday and fancy a home whisky tasting, please get on touch and I will sort out something to suit you and your guests. I am excited to offer this as I love hosting whisky Tastings. I really enjoy sharing something new about whisky, then, seeing the interest and comprehension in people's eyes.

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