A trip back in time on The Isle of Islay

If one would travel around Islay one hundred years ago equipped with a modern camera things wouldn't look that much different from today. Often the black and white pictures give that special atmosphere from times past. The Islay pictures on this page date back from almost hundred to sixty years ago when life was probably a lot harder on Islay then it is today, which doesn't mean of course people weren't happy in those days. Wouldn't it be great to travel back in time and see for yourself how life was one hundred years ago, some of us probably wouldn't come back at all. Anyway, please enjoy this little trip back in time on the beautiful Isle of Islay. An enlargement of each picture is available by clicking on it, it will open a new window.

Port Ellen Distillery

Mending Lobster Creels at Caolila

Bowmore Mainstreet around 1910

Unloading Coal from Puffers at Bowmore Pier

The road to Ballygrant around 1950

Lower Killeyan, The Oa

Port Ellen, Charlotte Street

Port Ellen, Pier Road

The Tuscania stranded at the Oa in 1918

Funeral drowned soldiers from the Tuscania

Peat cutting on Islay for the Distilleries

Kildalton House around 1930

Port Charlotte aka Lochindaal Distillery

Bunnahabhain Distillery

Lagavulin Distillery

Currie and Son Bakery

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