Introducing brian palmer

brian palmerWhat is your name and what is/are your past/current occupation(s)?
brian palmer: ileach page layout and website, thewashingmachinepost and cycle repairs (oh, and i sometimes teach photoshop classes)

Have you been born on Islay or have you moved there later in life?
no, i was born in glasgow, but married a girl from islay and moved here twenty years ago

What was the most important reason for your move to Islay? Why particularly to Islay?
see above for particularly, but why wouldn't you want to move to islay?

Are your ancestors from Islay? How far do your roots date back?
not even remotely interested in genealogy, but i'm pretty sure there were no palmers at finlaggan.

How important is the preservation of Islay's past, tradition and culture to you?
i know i'll get shot for this, but it doesn't rank up there with my highest priorities.

How does the fact that Islay is an island affect your daily life? Which advantages and disadvantages do you see in it?
the fact that it's an island doesn't really affect me at all, but it's one of the main reasons i moved here :-) it's close enough to the mainland to be accessible, and far enough away to be remote.

What do you appreciate most on Islay?
no traffic lights, no roundabouts, and relatively traffic free roads - great place to cycle

What do you miss most on Islay?
i can't actually think of anything - does that make me sad?

What is your favourite place/area and season on Islay?
favourite place - saddle of my colnago; seasons: all of them.

Do you leave Islay quite often? For private or professional reasons?
no. visit the occasional cycle show, or bike ride, but otherwise, i'm almost always here.

brian on the left together with the veloclub 'd ardbeg

Where do you spend your holidays?
what holidays?

Are you involved in any committees or charity organisations on islay? What is your motivation?
not if i can possibly avoid them. motivation for not doing so is the notion that anyone who desires to be on a committee ought to be banned from doing so.

What do you do in your spare time?
at the risk of repeating myself, what spare time?

How do you see the economic situation on Islay? Is it getting better/worse? Why? How does it affect you?
i would say it has improved since i moved here, or maybe it's just improved for me

What is your opinion about the fact that young people are moving away from Islay?
i'm not sure there's much can be done about that - if further education's your thing, you don't have too much option.

Do you think Islay needs more holiday homes and more tourists? Also if it drives up the house prices even more?
i think we've got just about as many visitors as we can handle, but we sure as heck don't need more holiday homes

Are you happy with the current Ferry services provided by Caledonian Macbrayne? If not, what should they improve?
since i don't own a car, ferries don't give me much hassle as a foot passenger. but the guys on the boat seem to make a good job of getting in in all weathers and the boats seem to run on time pretty much. trouble is, i've not got much to compare it with, since it's been calmac ever since i've been here. not that bothered who's name is painted on the side of the boats really.

Are you planning to spend the rest of your life on Islay? Are there enough facilities for elderly people?
yes, i'll still be cycling here when i'm 120 and i'll let you know about the second part when i get there (as long as i can have carbon wheels on my wheelchair)

What is the most impressive, most special story, experience or event that has happened to you on Islay?
not quite on islay, but playing down sixth avenue in new york with islay pipe band has to rank up there with the best.

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