Lighthouses on the Isle of Islay

Port Ellen Lighthouse Islay Port Ellen Lighthouse
Location: Opposite the port of Port Ellen next to Carraig Fhada at Kilnaughton Bay. The lighthouse was commissioned in 1832 by Walter Frederick Campbell in memory of Lady Eleanor Campbell. This is a very characteristic lighthouse with two square towers connected to each other.
Light Established: 1832
Engineer: David Hamilton & son
Character: Flash every 3 seconds, with white, red, and green sectors.
Tower height: 17 metres.
More information: Port Ellen Lighthouse and Inscription on the Plaque and rotating gallery

Rhinns Lighthouse Orsay Islay Rhinns of Islay Lighthouse
Location: Isle of Orsay opposite Portnahaven. The lighthouse can only be reached by boat from Portnahaven.
Light Established 1825
Engineer: Robert Stevenson
Character: Flashing White every 5 secs
Elevation: 46 metres
Range: 24 miles
Tower height: 29 metres. There are 131 steps to the top of tower
More info and History: Rhinns of Islay Lighthouse in 1882

Ruvaal Lighthouse Islay Ruvaal Lighthouse
Location: Located on the most Northerly tip at the entrance of The Sound of Islay.
Light Established: 1859
Engineer: David & Thomas Stevenson
Character: Flashing (3) White/Red every 15 secs
Elevation: 45 metres
Range: White 24 miles, Red 21 miles
Tower height: 34 metres. There are 158 steps to the top of tower

Loch Indaal - Port Charlotte Lighthouse Islay Loch Indaal (Rubh' an Duin) Lighthouse
Location: Located just outside the village of Port Charlotte direction Bruichladdich.
Light Established: 1869
Engineer: David & Thomas Stevenson
Character: flash every 7 s, white or red depending on direction.
Range: White 24 miles, Red 21 miles
Tower height: 13 metres.
More information: Rotating Image Gallery on Photo Blog

McArthurs head Lighthouse Islay McArthurs head Lighthouse
Location: McArthurs Head lighthouse is situated at the entrance to the Sound of Islay on a high cliff.
Light Established: 1861
Engineer: David & Thomas Stevenson
Character: Two flashes every 10 seconds with red and white sectors.
Elevation : 39 Metres.
Tower Height: 13 metres.
More info: McArthur's Head lighthouse and Images

Carraig Mhor Lighthouse Islay Carraig Mhor Lighthouse
Location: Carraig Mhor lighthouse is situated in the Sound of Islay near Port Askaig.
Light Established: 1928
Engineer: ?
Character: Flash every 6 seconds, white and red sectors.
Elevation: 2 metres.
Tower Height: 7

Eilean a Chuirn from the ferry Eilean a Chuirn Lighthouse
Location: The lighthouse is located near Kildalton on an Island on the most easterly tip of Islay.
Light Established: 1907
Engineer: ?
Character: Three white flashes every 18 seconds.
Elevation : 26 Metres.
Tower Height: 5 metres.

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